If you would like to submit your freeware to be listed on the Absolute Free Software web site then send your details to the Editor below. We need the link to your Home Page (if you have one) and link to your file to download. All programs must run on Windows 32 bit or 64 bit systems.



Types of programs listed on AFS

public domain - free with no copyright restrictions.

freeware - free but the author retains the copyright.

donationware - the author may ask for a donation but can't demand it.

postcardware - the author requests that the user sends a postcard.

nagware - in rare cases we do list nagware but only if the program is of high quality. For example the Moraff Games collection that has an annoying nag screen at the end of the game asking for the user to purchase one of their CDs.

other - programs that are only free for non- commercial use and fully-functional demos.

All programs MUST be totally free and not be crippled in any way or expire.