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If you would like to submit your software for inclusion on our web site please enter your details below. By submitting your software program you agree that we can if we wish include it on one of our freeware CDs. Please note that we only charge a media and shipping fee for our CDs to help maintain this web site.

For your software to be included on our web site it MUST be totally free (or you may offer it for non-commercial use only). The type of software that we except includes freeware, public domain, Lite versions and ex-commercial software now offered for free. In the main they should be full versions. In other words we don't except crippled software that time-outs and expires after so many days or shareware that nags for a registration fee. Some authors/companies don't seem to know what freeware is. As an example if the save function in the program doesn't function then it's crippled, so it's not freeware. We WILL NOT include these programs on our web site.

We accept programs that run on Windows 3X/DOS/9X/ME/XP

Please email us the:

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