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This web site is dedicated to Absolute Free Software.  All software on this site is FREE to use for ever. Help yourself and enjoy. The software has been specially selected and tested so that only the very best is available for download or included on our compilation CDs. 

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AFS Editor - Stuart Smith

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Terms of Use

All software listed on the Absolute Free Software (AFS) website is provided "as-is". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. 

To the best of our knowledge ALL listed programs (AFS software library) were free (freeware/no fee required) to use when they were first included on our web site. Any links to software found to have changed to restricted Shareware/Trialware where a fee is now requested for it's use will be removed as soon as we are aware of this fact. 

All questions related to any software in the AFS library should be put to the program authors.



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