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Sir Fred: El Remake 

In classic arcade-adventure style, Sir Fred has to collect object and solve problems as he penetrates the defences of Castle Feare, the Baron's stronghold.

Size: 9.11MB

Rating: 5/5

Taxi Dash 

You own a taxi company. You must build your company up while putting your  rivals out of business. You do this by driving your taxi to earn money, and spending it on advertising and making your company better. you can  also hire employees after a while to do your work for you. There are also street races and an arcade mode. 

Size: 1.98MB

Rating: 5/5

Aero Blasters 

You start of with a plane, which has infinite bullets and dodge enemy fire while shooting them down.You have your normal weapons which you can upgrade by grabbing power ups. The variety of power ups are the same; missles, turrets, extra guns and even guns which fire behind you.

Size: 871kb

Rating: 4/5

SoccerPong 3D

is a 3D paddle game featuring good graphics in which you play against the computer.

Size: 2.20MB



A two player game that you play against the computer or with a friend via the Internet. The game uses 164 cards, 144 cards representing the numbers 0 to 12 and 18 Wild Jokers. The deck is distributed by first dealing a configurable number of cards that make up each player's stockpile. Only the top card is turned face up. Skip98 was inspired by the very popular Skip-Bo card game. Requires Win95/98 & Microsoft DirectX 3 or later. 

Size: 428kb

Rating: 5/5


Originally designed to create "ABC End View"-styled logical puzzles for inclusion in student magazines, Buchstabensalat let's You export created puzzles in Adobe's PDF-Format. But it's also possible to solve the puzzles directly inside the game. The game is in English and German. Home page

Size: 72kb

Rating: 5/5

Agent Chewer Free

A new addictive action 3D game in PacMan style by Use arrows to move in different directions, space to shoot the evil monsters, eat all yellow dots and be aware the levels are time limited - you have only 6 minutes to kill all monsters and eat all dots. Windows 95/98/2000/2003/ME/XP. DirectX 8.0 or later.

Home page  Screenshot

Size: 3.77MB

Rating: 5/5

Scrambled Submarine 

Underwater arcade game. It's been years that the underwater monster gives no rest to people. It's sinking submarines, commercial crafts, and even comes out of the sea on land with no one to stop it. You and your submarine are the stronghold for the whole of humankind. 

Size: 1.89MB

Rating: 5/5

The E-Puzzle Book Reader v1.0 

Welcome to the world of E-Puzzle Books, the computerized version of those small puzzle magazines you can find at your local news stand. E-Puzzle Books contain a large variety of word, number, logic and visual puzzles There are word puzzles like Cryptograms and Word  Scrambles; Number puzzles like "All-are-Equal" and "Choose-Your-Operators" and Logical Games like "Mail Express" and "Logical Golf". This E-Puzzle Book Reader comes with 2 books, but more are available on the web. There are even books containing 18 hole golf courses! The world of E-Puzzle Books awaits you....! Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. Reasonable Games.

AFS Editor: Includes adverts. The author's other E-Puzzle Books on his web site are for members only.

Size: 440kb

Rating: 3/5


An economic simulation game. In Simutrans you can build the railroad networks where you always dreamed of with platforms, discharging quays, level crossings, signals and much more. 

Size: 13.6MB

Rating: 5/5

Cubemaster Gold v4.3 

An action/puzzle game that has some similarities with Tetris, however Cubemaster is much more advanced. Instead of being confined in a 10x20 big drop zone with 7 shapes, Cubemaster is flexible beyond belief. It contains 32 shapes where some are built up with as much as 8 cubes. Fun Factory. 

Size: 8.78MB

Rating: 5/5

Summer Bound! 

With its unique mix of exciting action and tricky puzzles, this free game quickly became a hit on the internet. Besides a good portion of dexterity,the player needs to do a lot of brain work to solve logical puzzles. Drop bombs and outwit your enemies to get access to blocks, which seem unreachable at first sight. Windows 9x/ME/XP/2000. Karl Hofer. Home page

Size: 768kb

Rating: 5/5

Chex Quest 1 and 2 

Do you have what it takes to stop the evil cereal-eating Flemoids and save the day? This fun and family-friendly game was originally distributed in cereal boxes in the mid 1990s.

Size: 11.6MB

Rating: 5/5

Dragonboard v0.9.1 

A Mah-Jongg clone with 144 bricks. Windows 9X to XP. Arbeitskreis Spielkultur. Homepage

Size: 288kb

Rating: 5/5

Domino Puzzle v0.1a 

Everybody knows Domino, but is it possible to place 12 Domino bricks in given places, try it! Windows 9X to XP. Arbeitskreis Spielkultur. Homepage

Size: 80kb

Rating: 4/5

Powerpong v1.0 

A simple breakout game with high score list brought up to date with a Windows XP style. Windows 9x/ME/XP.

Size: 48kb

Rating 4/5

Frozen Networks v1.2 

A platform, logic and strategy game. You are Bob the computer technician and the objective of the game is to destroy all copies of Windows. Windows 95/98/ME/2000. James Baartse. 

Size: 365kb

Rating: 5/5

Gekko Mahjongg (Xmas Edition) v1.0 

A Christmas Solitaire Mahjongg game that has 3 levels of difficulty, fantastic graphics, music and much more. Windows 9x/ME/XP.

Size: 3.35MB

Rating: 5/5

Alien Escape 

Destroy crapulous aliens who want to recapture you for lab testing. To survive longer in this arcade game stay as far as you can from the middle of the screen. Keep flying there will occur a faster death. Nelleht Entertainment.

Size: 946kb

Rating: 5/5

MyJongg v2.0 

This is a classic remake of the ancient Mah Jongg solitaire game. Beautiful tile sets, different layouts, sound. CyLog Software. 

Size: 2.40MB

Rating: 5/5

N-knights v1.0 

In this puzzle game you have to try to fit as many (or as few) Knights as possible in a variable sized Chess-board. CyLog Software.

Size: 124kb

Rating: 3/5

Piramidka v1.0 

A logical game with rules similar to many solitaire-like games, but in this game you won't be playing using cards but using domino blocks. The game rules were taken from the classical game played using the real domino set. Windows 9x or higher. Piotr Chodzinski. 

Size: 491kb

Rating: 5/5

Frozen Fruits part One 

Infiltrate the alien's 35 storage rooms, solve puzzles and outwit the guardians. A great game for action-fans and logical thinkers. Karl Hofer. Home page  Screenshot

Size: 0.98MB

Rating: 5/5

Frozen Fruits - part Two

Infiltrate 35 gigantic fruit storage buildings and destroy every single piece of fruit! These new levels were created by fans of the game. Windows 95,98,ME,XP,2000. Karl Hofer. Home page

Size: 964kb

Rating: 5/5



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