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Hall of Shadows 

Find the exit to a huge maze and escape. Pick from four maze sizes and six monster difficulty levels. The mazes are generated by the computer, so every new game has a unique maze to solve. Save and load your games if you can't finish a game in one session. Fight monsters, pick up treasure, armor and health potions. Trade with the maze fairies for the things you will need to solve this maze. The smallest maze gives you a game you can play in five minutes, the largest would cover a wall in your house if you could see the whole of the maze at once. Home page

Size: 2.73MB

Rating: 5/5


is a fast single-screen shooter in which you can kill thousand of smelling aliens. Play as a space marine, kidnapped from the Earth, packed with only a jetpack and a pistol, and defeat a horde of monster! 

Size: 10MB

Rating: 5/5


is an amazing and perfect remake of the addicting Othello board game! With SuperOthello, you can play the game against the computer, against another player on the same machine, or against another player over the Internet or a  LAN! Playing online against a friend is very addicting and fun! Everyone can play the game online, since the game takes very little bandwidth and is very stable! Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.

Size: 3.1MB

Rating: 5/5

Lunar Lander 7k 

A classic lander game but with lots of new features. The "standard task" is just to land your lander vessel on an other platform. It may sound easy but it's harder than most people think! And in some levels you must first collect or destroy boxes. You will also face different gravitation fields. The game has 36 standard levels + 6 bonus levels. Every level has a high score list. Home page

Size: 7.47MB

Rating: 5/5

Bomber v1.0 

This game is a remake of an old game taken from game-machines. The military airplane is in distress over the enemy city. It will be crashed if it does not clear the landing ground. You`ll have to drop bombs on enemy houses to avoid a collision.

Size: 1.78MB

Rating: 5/5


A Tetris clone with great graphics and single or multiplayer modes. The game needs Direct X 8 or later!

Size: 7.54MB

Rating: 5/5


A flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere. Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station  or take the futuristic Delta-glider for a tour through the solar system - the choice is yours. Martin Schweiger.

Size: 37.3MB

Rating: 5/5

Moraff’s MomJongg v7.0

A version of Mahjongg that will give mums and children hours of enjoyment. Children will love clicking on the beautiful tiles as they try to find the matching pairs. 

Want the complete Moraff Games freeware collection on CD?

Size: 5.05MB

Rating: 5/5

Dr Goo

The aim of the game is to save 'lil Johnny's life by finding all the medicine boxes. All 5 must be found in order to finish the level. Dr Goo, his faithful friend has vowed to find all these medicine boxes and its up to you to help him!!! Can you save 'lil Johnny's life in time?

Size: 2MB

Rating: 5/5

Dr Goo 2: The Plague

A new germ has been developed through genetic engineering. Its purpose was for biological warfare, however, the scientists underestimated the effects of the germ, and tested it on unknowing victims. These people became sick within hours, and were dead after 24 hours. No vaccine was made. The heroic Dr Goo has volunteered to collect the required substances to make a vaccine. But the germvaccine and save the world before time runs out...

Size: 3.3MB

Rating: 5/5

Dr Goo 3: The Rubblebum War

The Rubblebums are a vicious alien race, who have for centuries been prevented from invading earth by the protection of the Blue Galactic Stars. These stars contain a special stardust that is lethal to the Rubblebums. Finally, the Rubblebums have discovered a way to invade earth - destroy the stars. Using their Super Rubblebum Bubblegum gun, they have started to shoot down these stars which are falling to earth. Dr Goo has been asked to collect the fallen stars and put them back in their place, thus preventing a full-scale invasion of earth.

Size: 4.5MB

Rating: 5/5


Mail-Room Madness is a free logic game in which a disgruntled employee has scattered letters around the mail-room. You must try and collect them again using boxes, rolling reels, movable elevators and bombs. One letter also contains a secret message but you will not discover what it is until you have gathered all the letters. Version 1.5 has improved graphics, 10 warm-up levels, 40 game levels and a level editor for making your own levels. Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files. James Baartse. Home Page

Size: 211kb

Rating: 5/5

StarFight VI - Gatekeepers 

A super cool sci-fi action/adventure/RPG game that consists of three integral parts: problem solving, combat and space exploration. In order to win the game, you'll need sharp wits as well as an itchy trigger finger. For beginners the game might seem rather confusing, so you're need to read the included HTML manual. This isn't a quick shoot-em-up, but an in-depth game that can last for weeks that features stunning graphics and original music. Requires Windows 9x/350MHz CPU & DirectX6 or better. JP-Production Finland inc.

Size: 189MB  Get this game on a CD

Rating 5/5

Arinoid v1.0 

A clone of the Arkanoid series of breakout games that were popular in the late 80s and early 90s. This version features 20 levels of play, enhanced graphics and substantial amounts of sound and music. Windows 95/98/2000. Ari Feldman.

Size: 892kb

Rating 5/5

VB Master Mahjongg v1.0

An attractive tile set with a Point and Click Interface that provides hints, taking back a move and top score. It works much the same way other renditions of this game work. Includes sound effects. Orville P. Chomer. Windows 9x.

Size: 3.71MB

Rating 5/5

The General v4.5b  

A turn-by-turn military economic strategy. You are the ruler (king, president) of your country and the objective is to conquer the world, and destroy all the other countries. In order to accomplish the objective you will need to deal with the issues of economy, science and military aggression against other countries. You will hire scientists, recruit soldiers and generals. In any case, if you will be passive and will not try to conquer others, they will conquer you. Requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000. New Game Software. 

Size: 1.12MB

Rating 5/5

Train Dispatcher v2.0 

A simulation of a railway network in which you can select from five track territories and display the territory in either the traditional classic form with a black background or in a white background. Windows 3.1 or higher. Tom Levine. 

Size: 1.73MB

Rating 5/5

Freeride Earth v3.0 

A 3D SnowBoard Simulator with outstanding graphics. An Atomic War has left earth in an eternal winter that is horrible for the entire civilization but cool for a mad surfer. Windows 95/98. Graphitx.

Size: 1.52MB

Rating 5/5

Absolute Mastermind v1.4 

A mind game with great feeling and fantastic 24 bit graphics, with wonderful color animations and music/sounds to make it a really enjoyable experience. The game has three difficulty levels to choose from and even a Mind Duel (2 player mode) function. The configuration window has dozens of options to alter the look/sound/feel of the game. It also supports skins, 2 skins comes with this game (metal & wood). Requires Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP. Pentium 200 MHz or better, DirectX8. Fun Factory.  

Size: 6.67MB

Rating 5/5

Quick Backgammon v2.9.8 

(formerly 'Geert's Backgammon') Play backgammon against your computer with this small, fast but strong playing program. Different skill levels. Adjustable color schemes. Game statistics. Save and restore games. Many small changes made to this new version. Windows 9X/NT. Geert Verkade.

Size: 220kb

Rating 5/5

Slot Machine 98 v5.2 

A slot machine with 5 different themes, lots of sounds, nice graphics, highscores and statistics about all players that have a highscore. Smooth scrolling wheels, and a configuration window where you adjust wheel and animation speed and so much more. You can also make your own themes. A must have for slot machine gamblers. Windows 9X/NT/ME. Fun Factory   

Size: 2.08MB

Rating 5/5

Mah-Jongg v5.1 

This version of the tile matching game has four tile sets: Mah-Jongg, Medieval, Road Signs German and USA. Six layouts: Mah-Jongg, Atrium, Butterfly, Lion, Portal and Snake. This was the last freeware version of this game. Windows 9.x Detlev Schmidtke.

Size: 2.48MB 

Rating 5/5

Commander Alex 

A platform game in which you are Alex, and you have to get your love maxima. Beware of the evil Paul Wittemannen, Jorges and don't get seduced by Emily! Based on Apogee's Commander Keen 2000. Requires Windows 9x. Barend. 

Size: 1.85MB

Rating 5/5

5star Free Lines v2.2 

Fun mind game. The objective of the game is to line up five balls of the same color. At which time they are removed from the board and points are scored. Attractive graphics and colors, nice sound effects and lovely music makes this a real fun game. You can compete with your partner through the network or internet. Requires Windows 9x. Atomax, Ltd. 

Size: 2.70MB

Rating 5/5

5star Gomoku v1.6 

An ancient board game. You must put crosses (or noughts) on a board in turn with the computer. If you are the first to build a row of five crosses (noughts) you will beat the computer. These easy rules lead to an interesting and strategic game. You can play at five skill levels from Beginner to Expert. 5star Gomoku has a Network playing mode - you can play with your partner via the network or Internet. Windows9x.  Atomax, Ltd. 

Size: 1.05MB 

Rating 5/5

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