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S I A M Railway Simulations 

This gives you the chance to experience the problems and challenges of running a busy railway. This program provides four simulations. Crewe in 1986, the Highland Railway line in 1984, Paddington the Western Region terminus in London in 1986, and Penzance in Cornwall, in the summer of 1987. The program prompts you to enter details to move the locomotives and there is mouse support for all the simulations except for Penzance. Public Domain.

Size: 129kb

Rating: 4/5

Patience Pack v6.0 

A pack of 60 different patience games that includes Accordion, Baroness, Black hole, Poker and Windmill. Windows 3.1/9x/NT/2000. Maurice Abraham.

Size: 293kb

Rating 5/5

Ada Towers v1.0 

The main difference between Ada Towers and regular solitaire is that all of the cards are visible and cards can only be placed on top of cards of the same suit. Dimensional Media Systems. 

Size: 201kb

Rating 4/5

Tetris Lite v1.5

Very good falling blocks game for Windows 3.1 that includes demo, next piece and top five scores. Basciano Philippe. 


Rating 4/5

Traffic Computer v1.2 

The Kirkwall city traffic computer has blown a fuse. It can be fixed, but this will take time... meanwhile the traffic is in chaos. It is down to YOU, with your helicopter, to control the traffic lights by remote control! Requires Windows 3.1/486 and VBRUN300.DLL. Robert Buckley. 


Rating 3/5


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