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Absolute Free Software #1

A great CD providing a wide variety of the best free software. We have searched the Internet for only the very best and most useful programs. On this CD you WILL NOT find ANY crippled software or time bombs. It contains only totally free software without any additional fees to pay. Most of the programs are freeware, public domain, Lite versions or former commercial programs now offered for free.

Some programs can be upgraded for extra features but you can keep and use the software on this CD for as long as you like. All you pay is our media and distribution fee that helps to maintain this web site. Please note that some programs are for non-commercial use only.


CD Contents

  1. Ad-aware v5.6 - multi spyware removal utility
  2. Add/Remove Pro v2.05 - removes broken links from  Add/Remove Programs list
  3. ALLOUT v1.1 - version of classic Lights Out puzzles 
  4. Avi2Bmp v1.0 - convert an uncompressed AVI to one large BMP file 
  5. Biz Card 2000 v1.4 - design and print your own Business Cards
  6. Blobs v1.1 - rendition of the classic Peg Solitaire and Hi-Q games 
  7. Bookmark Wizard v2.0.1 - generates an HTML page of your favorite web links
  8. BarLaunch v5.55 - program launcher
  9. CamStudio v1.0 - record screen activity into standard AVI video
  10. CDCheck v2.0 - check your CDs for corrupted files
  11. CD menu designer Beta v1.0 - create menus for your CDs
  12. CD Madness v2.5.2 - lets you control your CD drives from a small icon in the taskbar
  13. CDWeb Creator v2.4 - tool to publish file collections on a CD in HTML format
  14. Christmas Card Screen Saver v1.0 - one of the best ever made Christmas savers
  15. Christmas Trivia Screen Saver v1.0 - nice Christmas saver
  16. Click'N Slide v1.1 - slider puzzle game 
  17. Clickomania v4.2 - variation of the falling blocks game
  18. CMT Solitaire v1.3 - collection of over 30 solitaire games
  19. Cool Beans System Info v1.0 - monitors your computer's CPU, physical memory .....
  20. Dead Eye Golf - simple golf game 
  21. Disco MP3 & CD Player - simple MP3 & CD Player complete with flashing disco lights
  22. Don't Touch My Computer 1 - angry man fun cartoon screen saver 
  23. Don't Touch My Computer 2 - angry dog fun cartoon screen saver 
  24. Dove Screen Saver - tribute to all those people killed on September 11th 2001
  25. Download Accelerator Plus v5.0 - will speed-up your downloads by up to 300%
  26. DVD Decrypter v3.0.0.8 - decrypt and copy a DVD to your hard disk
  27. Equalizer v1.20 - scientific calculator with a simple text line for equation
  28. EasyCleaner v1.7f - delete unwanted files from your system 
  29. Editor² v2.0 - replacement for Notepad
  30. FolderBox v1.00 - extension for Windows Explorer 
  31. Font Xplorer Lite v1.2.2 - easy to use font viewer
  32. Free Code 39 Barcode Font - print numeric bar codes with the Code 3 of 9 symbology 
  33. FreeExtractor Setup v1.44 - make your own self-extracting archives
  34. Freeride Earth v3.0 - 3D SnowBoard Simulator with outstanding graphics
  35. FreeZip v1.4.9 - small, fast and efficient Zip utility 
  36. GenoPro v1.7 - easy to learn genealogy program
  37. Hamsin Clipboard v3.02 - clipboard extension utility
  38. HangARoo v1.1 - slick and witty version of Hang Man 
  39. Here Comes Santa Claus v1.1 - colourful cartoon Christmas screen saver
  40. Home Planet v3.1 - (Full Version) - first class astronomy program (Windows 9X)
  41. Home Planet v2.1 (Full Version) - Windows 3.1 version
  42. HMailer v3.03 - email client that works with POP3 and SMTP servers 
  43. Introduction to Windows 98 (Full Version) - computer based training 
  44. IrfanView v3.51 - fast image viewer/converter 
  45. Jarte v1.01 - powerful word processor with many features 
  46. JPG Cleaner 95 v2.4 - for cleaning JPG files 
  47. JR Split File v1.2 - split a large file into smaller files 
  48. Kaboom Organizer v5.5 EMail Plus! - PIM with email & internet search facility
  49. KP Typing Tutor v3.01 - small, yet effective typing program
  50. Labyrint v3.01 - moving blocks puzzle game 
  51. Mah-Jongg v5.1 - tile matching game with 4 tile sets and 6 layouts
  52. Marble Buster v1.0 - shooting marble game
  53. Marble Crazy v1.02a - make groups of 3 or more marble of the same colour 
  54. Mcky's Breakout v1.0 - breakout clone with MIDI music
  55. Meteor - Death in Space - space shoot-em-up arcade game
  56. Miraplacid Carrier v1.02 - moving blocks arcade game
  57. MP3 Explorer v2.1 - extensive organizational tool for MP3 music files
  58. Moraff's 3D-Jongg v2.01 - solitaire mahjongg in real 3D
  59. Moraff's CyberCheckers v3.01 - excellent game of checkers 
  60. Moraff's CyberPinball v3.01 - 3D pinball with 5 configurations
  61. Moraff's Phrase Detective v2.01 - innovative word-puzzle game
  62. Moraff's RingJongg v4.01 - 3D mahjongg with colorful rings 
  63. MP3 Folders v1.5.4 - lets you treat a folder as a playlist for MP3 and WAV files
  64. MrKraz URL Submitter v1.2.0 - submit your web site URLs to search engines
  65. MS Windows Error Messages v2.3 - find out what those MS error code numbers mean
  66. MWSnap v1.10 - powerful program for making snaps (captures) of a desktop
  67. Network Draughts/Checkers v1.2 - 1-2 player board game 
  68. Nokia Composer 2000 v1.2 - compose your own ringing tones for your cellular phone
  69. OctoNeuro v1.0 - memory game 
  70. Password Generator v2.3 - generates passwords by chance
  71. Picture Pump v1.5 - for mass downloading of graphic files
  72. Picture Scroller v2.0 Lite - high quality slide show 
  73. PINs v2.50 - feature-rich Windows program for safe and comfortable storing of passwords
  74. popCheck v1.5 - email notification program 
  75. PopUp Killer v1.10 - get rid of those annoying PopUp screens when you're surfing
  76. Quick Backgammon v2.8.7 - small, fast but strong version of backgammon 
  77. SaverWiz v1.0 - create screen savers using your own pictures
  78. Slot Machine 98 v5.1 - slot machine with 5 different themes
  79. SnowDays v0.9 - snowball arcade game
  80. Solo v2.10 - solitaire graphical game maker and player
  81. Super Mastermind 98 v5.1 - simulator that is a must have for all you mastermind fans
  82. Swarm3D Screensaver v1.0 - a swarm of realistic insectoids fly over your screen
  83. tessera v1.8 - 2-player game, played on a 7x6 board
  84. Test Screens v2.5 - program for testing and comparing computer monitors
  85. TextEd v1.2 - full featured multifile text editor 
  86. The Applet Text House Tool - an applet HTML tool for making banners
  87. The General v4.5b - a fantastic turn-by-turn military economic strategy game
  88. The Off By One Browser v3.2.C.4 - small online/offline Web browser
  89. ThumbHTML v1.2 - generates quick HTML pages of thumbnail images 
  90. Train Dispatcher v2.0 - simulation of a railway network 
  91. traystart 2000 - fast and smart utility to launch applications, folders or websites
  92. TreePad v2.8.1 - easy to use database program/PIM
  93. Tropical Paradise Screen Saver - view of a tropical island including music
  94. Turn It On! v2.1 - lets you quickly enable/disable the screen saver from your task bar
  95. USA Geography Tutor v1.0 - simple educational game
  96. Watson's Card Game: 1001 - a game with 20 cards in the 1001 deck 
  97. VCatch v3.0 - email virus protection program
  98. ViceVersa v1.02 - file and directory comparison and synchronization utility
  99. Windows Scheduler v1.5b - schedule reminders or programs to be run at any time
  100. Wiz Tris v1.0 - line up 3 or more tiles of the same kind in this falling blocks game
  101. World Cup Manager 2002 - choose your country and be a World Cup manager
  102. World Time Clock v2.44 - shows the time of five different timezones
  103. Zyclops v1.0 - mind game with fantastic 24 bit graphics

    Must Haves

  104. Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0 - lets you view and print .PDF files 
  105. EnZip v3.00 - ideal for working with zip files
  106. Internet Explorer v6.0.2600 - web browser and email client for Windows 98/Me/XP
  107. Internet Explorer v5.0 - 16-bit version
  108. UltimateZip v2.6 - excellent for working with Zip files
  109. WinAmp v2.77 Standard Edition - one of the most popular MP3 and music players
  110. Windows Media Player v7.01 - media player for Windows 98 or higher
  111. Windows Media Player v6.0 - Windows 95 version
  112. WS_FTP LE v5.08 - upload files to your web site

    Special Bonus Programs

  113. 602Pro PC SUITE 2001 - this free alternative to Microsoft® Office, has it all! The suite is composed of four full-featured applications: a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics editor and digital photo organizer. Requires free on-line registration.
  114. Legacy Family Tree v3.0 - comprehensive and easy-to-use family history software. The full unrestricted version. Requires free on-line registration.
  115. Serif WebPlus 1 - create your own web site with professionally designed templates, animated GIF wizards, Web wizards for instant Web sites. You also get additional WebPlus1 components that include 33 extra Wizards, 66 extra Web backgrounds and 99 extra animated GIFs. This complete package is a 35mb download. Requires free on-line registration.
  116. Serif PhotoPlus 5 - for working with photographs and paint type images, whether for the Web, multimedia, or the printed page. Also included are extra PhotoPlus5 components that includes CMYK printing support and 15 extra graphics import and export filters. This package is a 21mb download. Requires free on-line registration.

     Runtime Modules
  117.  DirectX v8.0 - required to run the latest multimedia programs and games
  118.  Visual Basic v1.0 16 Bit runtime library
  119.  Visual Basic v2.0 16 Bit runtime library
  120.  Visual Basic v3.0 16 Bit runtime library
  121.  Visual Basic v4.0 16 Bit runtime Library
  122.  Visual Basic v4.0 32 Bit runtime Library
  123.  Visual Basic v5.0 32 Bit runtime Library
  124.  Visual Basic v6.0 32 Bit runtime Library


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